• Samantha Blake

    Samantha Blake

    Making a change through the power of words and human connection. I write about empowerment, relationships, & how to conquer life. Copywriter and ghostwriter.

  • Flynn Hannan

    Flynn Hannan

    Bibliophile , Senior Indie Editor at Writers Republic

  • Linda Lee Baird

    Linda Lee Baird

    Columbus-based writer, educator, and mom. Read more at lindaleebaird.com.

  • R. Rangan PhD

    R. Rangan PhD

    Mindfulness enthusiast; Storyteller in training and Observer of life’s small details.

  • Toffy Char

    Toffy Char

    part-time globe trotter | full-time justice warrior | lifelong reader and learner | co-founder of MindTerra (mindterra.co), a global mental well-being community

  • Samuel Roberts

    Samuel Roberts

    Bodybuilding, health/fitness, coaching, leadership, and life lessons | Writing about my mistakes & experiences | Connect with me on LinkedIn @ramsoberts

  • Tara Desai PhD

    Tara Desai PhD

    I love nature, sensitive literature, history, philosophy, travelling and scientific advances. I am a PhD in Nuclear Energy and always in search of knowledge.

  • Milan Kordestani

    Milan Kordestani

    Milan Kordestani is a 21-year-old serial entrepreneur whose most notable startups include Guin Records, Dormzi, and The Doe.

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