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  • Sarah McInnes

    Sarah McInnes

    I write to inspire, to educate, to connect, to feel seen. Bibliophile. Feminist. UNC-CH Grad. Mom to a kid with ASD & ADHD https://linktr.ee/sarahmcinnes

  • LS


    woman| renegade| radically kind

  • Elizabeth Kasujja

    Elizabeth Kasujja

    Passionate about Mental Health. Avid reader trying to find my own writing voice. Top writer in life, love and relationships.

  • Katie Jgln

    Katie Jgln

    I write and make video content about social justice, culture, politics and whatever else I feel like. www.linktr.ee/katiejgln

  • Beatrice Causey

    Beatrice Causey

    Writer. Creative soul. Millennial. Based in Sweden. instagram.com/beacausey

  • Kelli Lynn Grey

    Kelli Lynn Grey

    Neuro-divergent, chronically ill, ATL-based writer mom. Also works w/ GA Center for Nonprofits & Education Without Limits.

  • Carrie. A. Kelly

    Carrie. A. Kelly

    English teacher & law student with a passion for travel and teaching. Spends far too much time reading Medium articles.

  • Lea Loesch

    Lea Loesch

    I am a sociologist in the making, currently located in Amsterdam and exploring the various sides of optimism @ https://callforoptimism.com/.

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